We develop and contribute to various scientific software packages.

Software titleDownloadDescription
GAMERGAMER wikiGAMER is a GPU-accelerated Adaptive MEsh Refinement code for astrophysics. It features extraordinary high performance and parallel scalability and supports a rich set of physics modules.
Einstein ToolkitEinstein ToolkitThe Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics.
LIGO algorithm libraryLALSuiteThe LSC Algorithm Library Suite (LALSuite) is comprised of various gravitational wave data analysis routines written in C following the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 standard, more commonly referred to as C99.
POWERPOWERPOWER is an open source, python package to monitor the status and progress of numerical relativity simulations, and to post-process the data products of these simulations to compute the gravitational wave strain at future null infinity.