NCSA Gravity Group Spring Symposium 2019

May 13, 2019
NCSA building, room 1040
1205 W. Clark St., Champaign, IL


12:25 pmWelcome
Eliu Huerta, Ed Seidel
12:45 pmEinstein Toolkit / HydroToyOpenMP
Roland Haas, NCSA
1:00 pmEccentric Neutron Star Mergers
Shawn Rosofsky, NCSA/Illinois
1:15 pmHamiltonian Theory of Self-Gravitating Fluids, from Newton to Einstein, Part I
Bing-Jyun Tsao, NCSA/Illinois
1:30 pmHamiltonian Theory of Self-Gravitating Fluids, from Newton to Einstein, Part II
Yifan Zhang, NCSA
1:45 pmA Parametrized Equation of State for Neutron-Star Matter with Continuous Sound Speed
Michael O'Boyle, Illinois
2:00 pmDetection of Eccentric Black Hole Mergers with a Gravitational Wave Detector Network
Zhuo Chen, NCSA/Illinois
2:15 pmImportance of Higher-Order Waveform Modes for the Gravitational Wave Detection of Eccentric Black Hole Mergers
Adam Rebei, Illinois
2:30 pmCharacterization of the Signal Manifold of Spinning Black Hole Mergers with Deep Learning
Arnav Das, NCSA
2:45 pmDeep Learning at Scale for Gravitational Wave Parameter Estimation
Eliu Huerta, NCSA/Illinois
3:00 pmDeep Learning at Scale for Morphological Classification of Galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey
Asad Khan, NCSA/Illinois
3:15 pmBreak
3:30 pmGravitational Wave Denoising of Black Hole Mergers
William Wei, NCSA/Illinois
3:45 pmTBD
Aaron Saxton, NCSA
4:00 pmTBD
Bhanu Agarwal, Microsoft
4:15 pmTBD
Daniel Johnson, Stanford
4:30 pmFarewell to Gravity Group Members: Adam (Princeton), Mike (Wolfram), Vishnu (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)
4:45 pmPlans for Next Academic Year
Eliu Huerta, NCSA/Illinois
5:00 pmEnd of Symposium

Organizing Committee

  • Gabrielle Allen, NCSA/Illinois
  • Roland Haas, NCSA
  • Eliu Huerta, NCSA/Illinois (chair)


  • Gabrielle Allen, NCSA/Illinois
  • Bhanu Agarwal, Microsoft
  • Zhuo Chen, NCSA/Illinois
  • Arnav Das, NCSA
  • Roland Haas, NCSA
  • Sarah Habib, NCSA/Illinois
  • Eliu Huerta, NCSA/Illinois
  • Daniel Johnson, Stanford
  • Asad Khan, NCSA/Illinois
  • Michael O’Boyle, Illinois
  • Adam Rebei, Illinois
  • Shawn Rosofsky, NCSA/Illinois
  • Aaron Saxton, NCSA
  • Ed Seidel, Illinois
  • Bing-Jyun Tsao, NCSA/Illinois
  • William Wei, NCSA/Illinois
  • Yifan Zhang, NCSA