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Please contact us to find out more or to talk about any of these opportunities in the NCSA Gravity Group!


If you are a motivated and reliable undergraduate student who is interested in getting involved in research, software development or outreach in topics related to relativistic astrophysics we would like to talk to you! Experience with computing or general relativity is not as important as interest and dedication! Students often arrange to work with us for academic credit, e.g. independent study. For students who have demonstrated they can contribute to the group there may be an opportunity for paid hourly appointments. We also recommend that students investigate programs such as the NCSA SPIN Program, NCSA Summer REU Program in Scientific Software (INCLUSION), Blue Waters Undergraduate Program.


We may have opportunities for graduate projects in astronomy, physics, computational science, informatics and computer science. Please write to Gabrielle Allen (Astronomy, Computer Science, CSE), or Edward Seidel (Physics, Computer Science, CSE) for more information.


We are not advertising any positions at this time, but there may be opportunities for interdisciplinary and computationally interested postdocs to work on multiple projects at NCSA. Please send us your resume if you are interested in working with the group.


We have no staff positions open at this time, but please also check out the open staff positions at the NCSA.